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::::Oh, it didn't leave the other content on your userpage out. I simply cut out part of it to showcase those two bits. [[አባል:Vermont|Vermont]] ([[አባል ውይይት:Vermont|talk]]) 21:30, 7 ጃንዩዌሪ 2019 (UTC)
:::: I know. But it still managed to omit about half of the words in those excerpted bits, and what's there is jumbled up and mistranslated. [[አባል:Til Eulenspiegel|Til Eulenspiegel]] ([[አባል ውይይት:Til Eulenspiegel|talk]]) 21:35, 7 ጃንዩዌሪ 2019 (UTC)
:::::[[User:Til Eulenspiegel|Til Eulenspiegel]]: Just wondering, do you have a written policy prohibiting homosexual/LGBT+ editors from contributing to this project? [[አባል:Vermont|Vermont]] ([[አባል ውይይት:Vermont|talk]]) 21:38, 7 ጃንዩዌሪ 2019 (UTC)