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:: Fun fact, The Wikimedia Foundation is head quartered in San Francisco, California. This means the WMF and its projects (including this wiki) are subject to the laws of the State of California and the laws of the United States. The state of California has legal protections for the LGBTQ+ community in the state's laws and in the state's constitution. In plain speak Ethiopian criminal code doesn't matter, US Law, California Law and to a lesser extent Florida State Law (I vaguely recall something about servers in FL) are what matters. Each of these three entities provide protections from discrimination on the bases of sexuality, or gender identity. This project's policies are in direct conflict with California state law. Also your personal attacks only weaken your argument. How about attacking the argument instead of the person eh? However I would hope the WMF steps in and provides some oversight on the discriminatory practices that have been allowed to take place here.[[አባል:Cameron11598|Cameron11598]] ([[አባል ውይይት:Cameron11598|talk]]) 21:29, 9 ጃንዩዌሪ 2019 (UTC)
::How are they going to do that exactly? Do they speak Amharic ? I don't know that you will get very far with the Amharic community here. [[አባል:Til Eulenspiegel|Til Eulenspiegel]] ([[አባል ውይይት:Til Eulenspiegel|talk]]) 21:33, 9 ጃንዩዌሪ 2019 (UTC)
:::To be blunt, it doesn’t matter what the Amharic community here (which insofar has only been you commenting about this) supports as it is both highly offensive, and against the purpose of Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation, and a legal issue for the WMF. In regard to how this will be done, Ethiopian Laws will stop being seen as holding any bearing on the operation of this project. We have found various policies and guidelines referencing them as though they do, and that will need to be changed or outright removed. [[አባል:Vermont|Vermont]] ([[አባል ውይይት:Vermont|talk]]) 21:54, 9 ጃንዩዌሪ 2019 (UTC)
:::::Lol, good luck ! Rofl [[አባል:Til Eulenspiegel|Til Eulenspiegel]] ([[አባል ውይይት:Til Eulenspiegel|talk]]) 21:58, 9 ጃንዩዌሪ 2019 (UTC)
Slavery and Colonialism ended a long time ago!