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:: Thanks --[[አባል:Fæ|Fæ]] ([[አባል ውይይት:Fæ|talk]]) 02:25, 7 ጃንዩዌሪ 2019 (UTC)
I was admin here from 2005. At that time homosexuality was also still considered a crime in the US, by the way. I don't know when wmf adopted this policy of abandoning neutrality and forcing their peculiar values on every language on the globe. But they have never paid me a penny for contributing anything here for free all those years, so I don't feel as if you own me and don't feel obliged to comply with your dictates. It should be known they have a policy of pushing large sums of money around back and forth for anything but contributing which must be voluntary work by the ones you want to do the work. [[User:Codex_Sinaiticus|ፈቃደ]] ([[User talk:Codex_Sinaiticus|ውይይት]]) 02:41, 7 ጃንዩዌሪ 2019 (UTC)
:In 2003 the United States Supreme Court ruled that homosexuality, in short, is a constitutionally protected right. (Lawrence v. Texas) Regardless, blocking someone for their sexual orientation is quite far from neutral. [[አባል:Vermont|Vermont]] ([[አባል ውይይት:Vermont|talk]]) 02:50, 7 ጃንዩዌሪ 2019 (UTC)